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  1. Brooks at |

    I recently attended Sqeeqee’s Job Fair at the Wyndham in Anaheim and met with the their team. It was not only their platform is innovative, but the job fair itself was well put together, new and next generation method of interviewing and I am grateful to have been present. I felt like I was in a business formation session, interviewing for the ground breaking beginnings of brand new company like a “Microsoft.com”. I believe Sqeeqee is “the new and the next”.

    I see their vision of a monetized social media rival to a Facebook and others such very rich online empires. I have experienced success by involvement and membership in an extremely successful online business community that is a teaching entity for entrepreneurs from varied business interests and domains. In a short time that online community now has a worldwide audience of members to which it also provides substantial personal and business growth along with a very nice income. But, Sqeeqee is that company on steroids. By the way, giving and building success in others through monetizing the customer and business builder experience is the certain way to receiving online business success.

  2. Doc Bruce at |

    Dishonest company with fake followers, fake reviews that’s suckering people’s hard earned money without anything to show for it. Just judging by the number of fake reviews on the Google play store, their youtube page, and twitter shows you that they have something to hide, or that they are purposefully fooling potential investors into something.

    https://www.twitteraudit.com/JennyQTa9 (2% real /98% fake followers)

    I have no problem that they are trying to create a unique business model, but they’re also bilking people out of money for something that’s convoluted and dishonest. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

  3. Anthony at |


    Sqeeqee.com Presents Clear Vision for Future of Social Networthing™

    IRVINE, Calif., Sept. 20, 2013

    IRVINE, Calif., Sept. 20, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — The hardest part of any uphill
    climb against competitors is dodging the rocks being thrown downhill from the
    king of the mountain. Those at the top of the heap are always going to strive
    to protect their perch, and together with like-minded critics they are going
    to cast doubt upon their challengers.

    (Logo: http://photos.prnewswire.com/prnh/20130920/PH83315LOGO )

    A recent blog posting regarding the vision of Sqeeqee.com
    [https://sqeeqee.com] is a perfect real life example of this metaphor
    Sqeeqee offers an innovative new approach to social media that combines all of
    the best features of social sites like Facebook, eBay, and Amazon, and puts
    them all under one roof. While these major players might not be taking notice
    yet of Sqeeqee, industry pundits have and are admitting a sense of confusion
    in Sqeeqee’s vision for social networthing™.

    Addressing the Critics

    While the blogger was kind enough to offer a tip of the hat to Sqeeqee as an
    innovator, at the same time it was suggested that Sqeeqee’s vision for itself
    might be cloudy. At the heart of this comment was the writer’s confusion with
    one of Sqeeqee’s services, the gaming platform.

    What makes Sqeeqee innovative in the field of online social platforms is the
    rare combination of the best features of other sites in one place. With one
    simple profile on Sqeeqee, individuals or businesses can have a social media
    presence, an online store to buy and sell goods, access to mobile app creation
    (and sales through their aforementioned e-commerce page), and even use
    crowd-funding to launch new products or campaigns.

    Along with all those other features, Sqeeqee is currently developing its
    gaming platform to give users a fun past time to partake in while also
    increasing their reach. The inclusion of a gaming element to Sqeeqee’s profile
    seemed to baffle this blogger, despite the fact that it is not uncommon.

    For those who have been long time users of Facebook, gaming platforms within a
    social media site are not a new thing. Facebook has a long standing
    relationship with Zynga games and in-game advertising and incentive programs
    appropriately link gaming platforms on social media to user profiles and the
    overall purpose of connecting online.

    Setting the Record Straight

    Sqeeqee is new, so confusion is inevitable. However, that doesn’t mean that
    confusion and misinformation needs to take the place of accurate facts.
    Sqeeqee is without question an innovative approach to social networking.
    Rather than promote itself as simple social networking, Sqeeqee has coined the
    phrase social networthing™

    That is what Sqeeqee is all about. All of its services are offered under one
    roof to help any individual or businesses develop a greater social worth.
    Consider a small business for example. With one profile on Sqeeqee it is
    possible to grow the profile and image of this brand from one platform.

    The social profile of the business offers a means for communicating with
    current and former customers, giving it a face and personality for customers
    to interact with. At the same time, the business can use its e-commerce page
    to sell its goods and services directly to customers online. When the company
    wants to drum up a little extra activity, it can create and launch a coupon
    campaign offering discounted services.

    But there is much more that a business can achieve on Sqeeqee. Expansion and
    growth takes financing, and for many smaller businesses that can be difficult
    to come by. Crowd-funding is the fastest growing social phenomenon online
    these days. Through its social network on Sqeeqee, a business can potentially
    identify other members interested in financing new projects.

    As for the questions surrounding Sqeeqee’s gaming platform, it is admittedly
    under development but far from clouding the vision of Sqeeqee’s future. Social
    gaming has a place on any social networking site. Whether it is there for
    members who want to develop and market their own games on Sqeeqee, or for
    businesses looking to advertise/sponsor a game relevant to their industry,
    social gaming has an important spot at Sqeeqee’s packed dinner table.


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